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Find descriptions of all the services we have at our wonderful church to better match your needs

English Bible Study

Join us once a week for discussion of a particular spiritual book of the Bible. Led by Father Matthew, meetings occur at St. Reweis in the church on Wednesday evenings from 7PM to 8PM. 

Arabic Bible Study

Happening at the same time as the English Bible Study, the Arabic Bible Study offers arabic speakers a chance to engage in a discussion about a specific book in the Bible. 

St. Simeon the Elder’s Meeting

Designed for senior citizens, this meeting occurs at 11:30AM, right after the Divine Liturgy on Thursday mornings. Filled with food and fellowship, this gathering gives the older generation to socialize with discussions and games.

Divine Liturgy

The Eucharist is the central part of the Divine Liturgy, as we the believers truly believe that the bread and wine become the Body and Blood of Christ. By partaking of it, we become in union with the Body of Christ, which is the Church. 

English Youth Meeting

Aimed at the youth, the English Youth Meeting brings high school students together for a chance to learn more about having strong faith in a secular world, and guide them down the right path during their teen years. College students are given the opportunity to express their opinions during a discussion about church tradition, rites, and dogma as well as discuss culture and society.

Asaph hymns School

Specifically for children, they are split into classes based on age group and skill level. In their specific class, a hymn chosen by our Father Matthew and versed servants are taught every week. Depending on the season, there may be a more relevant hymn chosen to practice in order for the children to participate in the services.

Anba Bishoy Arabic Prayer Meeing

Anba Bishoy meeting is an Arabic prayer meeting and a sermon. It aims at bringing Arabic speaking families closer to God and Christian understanding faith.

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